Rhoddy designs and produces experiential environments that motivate, engage and enlighten consumers. We believe clever design and flawless execution is the key to a memorable experience.


Introducing the latest innovations in energy distribution and automation at Distributech 2013 in San Diego, CA.


Rhoddy brings Crytek to life at GDC 2013 in San Francisco


An emcompassing double decker experience for Neatfreak! at the International Home and Hosewares Show in Chicago, IL.


Bringing the next-generation experience on the road with the Nintendo Wii U trailer.


Planning a getaway to fun and festivals has never been easier with a pop-up interactive station catching adventurers attention.'


Staging an outstanding demonstration of a product's best features in front of hundreds of spectators.


Showcasing KIA's latest lineup across Canada.

Mastercard Vault

Bringing intrigue and excitement to thousands of consumers. Making the connection between a brand and a city's best offerings.

Elle Style Lounge

Engaging young women with an interaction that serves as a destination for multiple brands. A dream closet and the opportunity to share your unique style with all your friends.


Sharing the natural goodness of real food with communities across Canada.


Delivering a complex message through an engaging and immersive experience.

Diet Coke

Celebrating 25 years of a brand and forging a strong connection with a new generation.


Launching a brand into a new market with national media exposure.

Ben & Jerry's

Delivering scoopfuls of flavour to a crowd hungry for excitement in the middle of summer

Bacardi Cabana

Creating a fully featured double-deck mobile bar with plenty of room for summer action.

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